Positive Trends in the Land of Retail and Workplace Clinics | By Clive Riddle, May 29, 2015

Last month, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation commissioned Manatt Health to issue an excellent 25 page report:  The Value Proposition of Retail Clinics, in which they remind us that “since first emerging on the health care landscape more than 15 years ago, retail clinics are now a common to continue


Partners HealthCare: “Disruptive Dozen” Technologies for 2015 at the World Medical Innovation Forum

  1. Early Diagnosis And Treatment Of Alzheimer’S Disease
  2. Stem Cell Therapy To Repair And Replenish The Brain
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Source: Partners Healthcare

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"There is a significant opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to improve their impact in healthcare by raising patient awareness of value-added services throughout a patient's care journey...Most pharmaceutical companies today have not prioritized messaging around patient services to healthcare professionals and instead have focused messaging on areas such as clinical efficacy, safety, and access."

-Tony Romito
Managing Director, Accenture, Life Sciences


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