The Future Is Still Not Here | By Kim Bellard, November 13, 2014

US News & World Report had some fun looking back at what experts in 2004 predicted for health care in 2014. Not surprisingly, they found that we're not quite there yet, but might be by 2025.  The future, it would appear, is always ten years away. Those 2004 pundits expected that health care would be one of the industries most impacted in these past ten years; to continue


Rhonda Metze and Shannon Nielson: 4 Steps to Achieving PCMH Transformation

  1. Engagement – The foundation of the transformation process requiring buy-in from the key stakeholders and leadership. Success of the transformation is heavily dependent on engagement.
  2. Activation- Key step in organizing & ensuring healthcare organization have the right resources, tools & training. Activation & transformation are greatest when people understand their impact & role.
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Source: HIT Consultant

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"Over the past few years, the overall economic situation kept consumer spending on discretionary items-including health care-down, and we observed a lower rate of premium increases. Now, with employment rates stabilizing, individuals are feeling more secure about their financial situation and have been willing to re-engage in using the health care system. As these utilization rates increase, we expect to see health care cost increases follow."

-Tim Nimmer
Chief Health Care Actuary, Aon Hewitt


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