Google Wants to Helpout Your Health | By Kim Bellard, October 21, 2014

I suppose it was inevitable that I'd end up writing something about Google's interest in health, since recent posts have focused on efforts from Facebook and Amazon, as well as the general gold rush for health IT.  Fortunately Google has obliged me by introducing a neat health-related wrinkle on their Helpouts to continue


Mark B. McClellan, Ross White and S. Lawrence Kocot: Top Eight Medicare ACO Challenges

  1. Make technical adjustments to benchmarks and payments
  2. Transition to more person-based payments
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Source: Brooking Institute

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"Absence of pain does not mean absence of problems. It is important that we help individuals overcome the barriers to obtaining preventive dental care that the study identified. The longer the wait between dental visits, the more likely a problem will develop. Often more complicated problems are more expensive to treat, leading to the very situation that consumers want to avoid."

-Miles Hall, DDS
Chief Clinical Director, Cigna Dental


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