What Pokemon Go Means for Health Care | By Kim Bellard, July 21, 2016

In recent days there have been a flood of stories trying to explain the Pokemon Go craze. Many -- e.g., The New York Times and Fast Company -- believe that Pokemon Go is finally going to make augmented reality mainstream, as well as showing AR's advantages over virtual reality, since the latter typically to continue


5 things to know about Medicare Advantage plans lacking in-network access to academic medical centers

  1. Medicare Advantage plans include about half (51 percent) of area hospitals in their network, on average, while one in five plans lack in-network access to academic medical centers.
  2. Two in five plans in areas with a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center did not include the center in their networks.
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Source: Becker's Hospital Review

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"Competitive insurance markets are essential to providing Americans the affordable and high-quality healthcare they deserve. These mergers would restrict competition for health insurance products sold in markets across the country and would give tremendous power over the nation's health insurance industry to just three large companies. Our actions seek to preserve competition that keeps premiums down and drives insurers to collaborate with doctors and hospitals to provide better healthcare for all Americans."

-Loretta E. Lynch
United States Attorney General


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