Surveying Physicians on Their Views of the ACA | By Clive Riddle, October 17, 2014

The Medicus Firm, a national healthcare recruiting firm has just released results regarding health reform, from their 11th annual Physician Practice Preference Survey. This year’s survey shows an uptick grades doctors give the Affordable Care Act, but a still overall negative to continue


Mark B. McClellan, Ross White and S. Lawrence Kocot: Top Eight Medicare ACO Challenges

  1. Make technical adjustments to benchmarks and payments
  2. Transition to more person-based payments
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Source: Brooking Institute

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"Private Exchanges may offer more affordable options than an employer can get on its own, especially in the mid-size market where those companies don't necessarily have a lot of leverage or buying power in the market. Going with a private exchange can help them scale up and get those discounts and those negotiation rates than they can't get on their own."

-Caitlin Sweany
Senior Manager, Health Research Institute, Pricewaterhouse Coopers


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