Making the Old New Again | By Kim Bellard, January 22, 2015

I always love it when someone looks at something familiar in a completely new way.  I only wish health care had more examples of that. The example of this kind of totally fresh thinking that caught my eye concerns traffic lights.  If researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, led by Professor Ozan Tonguz, have their way, those familiar yellow boxes with the lights could become to continue


John Pratt: 7 Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Use Social Video to Improve Healthcare Marketing

  1. Show Processes - Educate healthcare consumers, put them at ease and let them know what they can expect
  2. Highlight physician advocates - Turn ideas into reality and know how to replicate physician successes
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Source: HART

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"It's like buying a car without a manual or taking a test drive. You are left somewhat disoriented in the driver's seat. Health insurance companies need to adopt customized solutions based on big data to understand and reach these new members."

-Dave Hom
Chief Solutions and Business Development Officer, SCIO Health Analytics


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