The Scourge of Healthcare Ransomware to Loom Larger in 2017 | By Clive Riddle, February 17, 2017

CynergisTek has just released Redspin’s annual cybersecurity Breach Report: 2016: Protected Health Information (PHI). Their 21-page seventh annual report “provides in-depth analysis of the causes of PHI breaches reported to the Department of Health and Human Services and the overall......Click to continue


HIT Consultant: Healthcare Trends of 2017, 7 Takeaways

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  2. Future of ACA
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Source: HIT Consultant

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"After an anticipated slowdown in health spending growth for 2016, we expect health spending growth to gradually increase as a result of faster projected growth in medical prices that is only partially offset by slower projected growth in the use and intensity of medical goods and services."

-Sean P. Keehan, M.A.
Economist, Office of the Actuary, CMS


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